Previous panelists

honeybee fest 2018

Frank Mortimer

President of NE New Jersey Beekeepers Association, VP NY Beekeepers Association and founder of the Honey Cup

Kyle Maio

USMC Veteran, Beekeeper and Founder Brothers in Bees

Pat Bono

Founder of NY Bee Wellness

honeybee fest 2017

Dr. Scott McArt

Research Scientist at the McArt Lab at Cornell University's Department of Entomology and Pollinator Network.

Master Beekeeper Frank Licata

Certified Master Beekeeper and Operations Manager of Mann Lake's Wilkes-Barre location


Environmental Horticulturist and Founder of EcoBeneficial!

honeybee fest 2016

Anthony PLanakis (Tony Bees)

Retired NYPD Detective, Beekeeper
and Swarm Catcher

Kelley edkins

Beekeeper, Gardener and Founder of

CHris Harp

Beekeeper, Founder of

Meg Paska

Beekeeper, Farmer and Author of The Rooftop Beekeeper

honeybee fest 2015


Owner and Beekeeper of Catskill Provisions

marina marchese

Owner and Beekeeper of Red Bee Honey, author of The Honey Connoisseur

chris harp

Beekeeper and Co-Founder of Honeybee Lives